Frequently asked questions


“When our photos arrived I couldn't believe how beautiful they were beyond anything I expected. I can only describe the photos as being a near cinematic experience bringing the day back to life every time I look at them.”

~Emily & Brian, Our Lady of Mt Carmel & Stella Mares, Santa Barbara


How many weddings do you photograph a year?

Photography is our full time job, and together we have photographed over 500 weddings. We are a boutique style studio and take on no more than 35 weddings a year. By remaining a boutique studio, it allows us to focus on each wedding, from the initial consultation to delivery of the final images. It is important to us that everything is done in-house and meets our high standards of quality.

Have you photographed a wedding like mine?

This is an easy question to ask, since every couple can relate. We have photographed in many locations and within many cultures and traditions. However, every wedding is unique, regardless if we have photographed a similar wedding or not. Our experience is what enables us to photograph and adapt to each wedding, working under many different circumstances. We prepare ourselves for each location, culture and tradition.quality.

What kind of equipment do you use?

This is where we (Miki more so) can get a little technical. We love gear, it is a tool that aids our artistic vision. Every piece is different and we love it all. It is not possible to list everything we have, since we have quite a collection of large to small format cameras, multiple brands of cameras, a variety of prime and zoom lenses, lighting gear… and the list could go on. Extensive list coming soon... or maybe it’s own page!

Should I give you a shot list?

We love a list of formal portraits and will help you work on one a few weeks before your wedding. The portrait list is actually very important. It helps us gauge how many people will be involved and how much time we will be needed to photograph all of the combinations. It is used as a checklist on the day of the wedding so that the formal portrait time can go as quick and smooth as possible. Many people think they need to send us a "generic" shot list for the day that is pulled from a book or the internet. We are there to capture everything that occurs throughout the day and do not need a general list. However, if there are any specific items or special moments that may differ from the norm - we would love to know what they are.

What will you wear to the wedding?

It is important for us to blend in as much as possible at a wedding. The last thing we want is to be a distraction, which would not only be a nuisance for your guests, but would call way too much attention to ourselves. We will dress appropriately for the occasion and generally wear black so that we can go unnoticed. This allows us to capture moments more easily in a journalistic manner.

How many images will I get?

With Miki & Sonja photographing your wedding, you are getting two experienced and independent photographers. Therefore, you are getting a lot of final images! On average, for an 8 hr 150 person wedding, you will end up with approx 1,500 images. Why are there so many? With such a heavy emphasis on candid images and photographing all the guests, a lot of great photographs are taken.

Will you correct/retouch my images?

After editing for things such as closed eyes, missed expressions and duplicates, all images are corrected for color, density, contrast, cropping and slight retouching. This is basic post production and it is done on every image. Many photographers will only work on favorite images they choose, leaving you with the rest of the images unfinished and straight from the camera. However, we feel all images are important and want you to have the best quality. Full retouching is different from the basic post-production corrections. In the traditional sense, it means altering the actual structure of the image such as removing distracting items from the background. We are very careful how we light and compose before we shoot. Images that need traditional retouching will be done for final prints and albums.

How Do We Book You?

Communication is the key. As soon as you know you would like for us to photograph your wedding, let us know. In order to secure a date, we will need a retainer and contract. We are sometimes booked over the phone, so if you are interested in a specific date, it is important to let us know as soon as you decide.

Do you have insurance?

Yes! As professionals in the industry it is not only necessary, but also expected and requested by many venues. We take our business and profession very seriously.

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