Miki & Sonja Photography


"Miki & Sonja were a dream to work with and our pictures turned out more incredible than I ever could have imagined. They paid attention to the littlest detail, that you would never even think about, and created the most stunning and amazing pictures. You never even knew they were there and they captured every great moment that happened.”

~Denise & Lance, Private Estate


About Miki & Sonja photography

Like you, we see and value life through our experiences. The more people we meet, places we see and cultures we explore, the greater our perspective on life becomes. Our photography career evolved out of a passion to convey the beauty around us and authentic human interactions through our art. We knew the best way to do that, other than honing our photography skills through education and practice, was to continue experiencing life in new and exciting ways.

So, we travel. And explore. And taste. And see. With each new experience, our photography becomes more vibrant and authentic. These experiences have helped refine our passion and enhance our artistic eye, so that we can elegantly capture the heartfelt moments of your wedding day.

Combining our individual styles, we are both with you and photograph your wedding. As photographers, we value your photographic experience and wedding day first and foremost. We are artists at heart, but we’re also devoted to telling your story beautifully and preserving it through timeless images – photographs that will become treasured family heirlooms for future generations.


Our Style

Reflecting the uniqueness of your wedding day, we capture authentic, bright images filled with natural light and refrain from overly staging or retouching. We believe everything – from the carefully planned design to the spontaneous romantic moments – comes together to tell a complete story. We work together as a cohesive team to unobtrusively document your day.

Miki is drawn to people and what makes them interesting. He is remarkable at conveying personality and passion through bold imagery so dynamic you feel like you’re there. You can hear the laughter and feel the energy all over again.

Sonja loves editorial storytelling and raw emotion. The beauty found in a fraction of a second always keeps her searching for the next moment to capture. Complementary to Miki’s style, she excels in capturing the quiet, intimate moments of the day, and her profound imagery has a way of touching your heart.

We are two independent photographers, with two distinctive styles that blend together seamlessly. We push each other to take images that are beyond what is “expected” and balance modern storytelling with a timeless elegance to create our signature style.


What makes a moment meaningful? It’s the success after a long journey. The first adrenaline-rushing steps into a new endeavor. The beginning of a lifelong commitment to love. These are the moments worth preserving, ones that turn into heirlooms.

We are not just wedding photographers. We are photographers who love weddings. We view the world around us through the shades of color and light, natural compositions, and human interactions – together, all of these elements create a story. Your wedding is your story – and your story becomes our inspiration.



We love film. Film gives us the creative expression to capture perfect lighting, uniquely soft tones, and extraodinary depth. Even with our love for film, we appreciate the versatility and speed of digital cameras. We know how to maximize each medium and to emulate a film look with digital technology. Our expertise in both mediums allows us to provide you with a more complete collection of fine art wedding imagery.

As demonstrated by Miki’s state-of-the-art darkroom, we are enamored with the iconic look of black and white photos. They are timeless, effectual, and bold. Black and white photos show depth and detail in ways that color sometimes cannot. We know that some moments were meant for black and white while others need authentic color, and it’s our passion and expertise to know just how and when to capture a moment in black and white.


Our Clients’ Experience

From your intimate first look to the last high energy dance set, and every moment in between, we capture the details of your day that make it different from anyone else’s. We stay with you through the entire process – meeting, coordinating, photographing, refining, and delivering your images and albums – to give you peace of mind. You deserve to enjoy the day and celebrate with friends and family, knowing we are there to capture it all beautifully.


“For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part...”

And there it is, in that that brief pause before the kiss, they catch eyes and share subtle knowing smiles in their private moment. The audience is completely unaware of their sweet exchange, but we see it. That’s the shot we strive to give couples - an authentic representation of their love and commitment.




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